The Craft of Christian Songwriting

The Craft of Christian Songwriting

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Born from eight years of teaching songwriting for the Academy of Gospel Music Arts, Robert Sterling's The Craft of Christian Songwriting deftly tackles the much-overlooked subject of craft in the Christian songwriter's creative process. The book challenges its readers to aspire to the highest level of excellence, providing chapter after chapter of practical insights into the Christian songwriting experience. All the way from “Getting Started” to “Building a Demo,” The Craft of Christian Songwriting shows beginning writers how to make their next song their “best song ever,” all from the unique perspective of the Christian songwriter. Practical and realistic, The Craft of Christian Songwriting is a smart read for anyone with aspirations of becoming a Christian songwriter.

• Hundreds of examples from popular Christian songs

• Concise and practical instruction on all the essential elements of the songwriting process

• Writing exercises to help you improve your craft

• Learn the ins and outs of collaboration

• Examine 10 full lyric reprints, complete with the author's analysis

• Discover how to produce a proper demo recording

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