Working Angelus

Through life's Interruptions may we find peace and hope. Join us daily throughout your Lenten journey via livestream to pray The Angelus, hear an inspiring reflection and meditation in song led by your favorite Catholic worship leaders.

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THU, 4/2 | 12PM ET
Sarah Kroger

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FRI, 4/3 | 12PM ET
PJ Anderson
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SAT, 4/4 | 12PM ET

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SUN, 4/5 | 12PM ET
Joe Lundin
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MON, 4/6 | 12PM ET
Mary Kate Westrich

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TUE, 4/7 | 12PM ET
Lee Roessler
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MON, 4/8 | 12PM ET
Kat Hammock

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TUE, 4/9 | 12PM ET
Vince Lujan
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FRI, 4/10 | 12PM ET
 Rita West

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John Finch
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SAT, 4/11 | 12PM ET
Matt Maher
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The Angelus | John Angotti
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