Foster Active Participation During The Pandemic

As you seek solutions that foster active participation at Mass during the COVID-19 pandemic, WORSHIPNOW has developed the following resources that will not only encourage the faithful to actively participate, but will also help maintain a safe and clean environment.

WorshipNOW Pew Edition App

Give parishioners 24/7 access to the Mass prayers, readings, 300+ songs, a personal Mass journal and a fully-integrated giving feature so whether worshiping in-person or from home they can do so safely while continuing to financially support their parish.

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WorshipNOW Projection Resources

Elevate the assembly's voice and direct their attention towards the ritual action in the sanctuary by projecting your song lyrics during Mass while maintaining a safe and clean environment for your parishioners.

Click here to view our comprehensive projection resources.

WorshipNOW Slide Resources

Become better stewards of your treasure by reducing your licensing fees to project slides and save precious time with pre-built slides custom arranged for liturgy that seemlessly integrate with your presentation software. 

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